Gallery to include Bird Poop Frogs, Four-Eyed Fish, Axolotls and other amazing species

The Florida Aquarium’s exciting new gallery, MORPH’D, officially opens this summer! With 18 species from around the globe - like the axolotl, paddlefish and chameleon - the gallery will immerse guests in the adaptations of some of nature’s most remarkable species. All with the goal of inspiring a deeper connection to nature.

The debut of the MORPH’D gallery marks completion of the first of three phases in The Florida Aquarium’s $40 million expansion plan.

“The freshwater habitats and oceans of the world are teaming with animals that have incredible adaptations and amazing stories,” said Aquarium Sr. Vice President of Animal Care & Health Tim Binder. “We are thrilled to be able to showcase some of these stories with our guests as we complete the first phase of our expansion. As animal care professionals, the excitement of providing our guests with the opportunity to experience these unique species fuels our passion for conservation and education in new and exciting ways.”

Located in the Aquarium’s new 3,700-square foot special exhibit hall, MORPH’D brings guests on a journey of exploration; introducing a diversity of animals that are perfectly evolved to survive.  Featuring curious creatures, interactive exhibits, and multimedia experiences, the gallery serves to encourage learning and spark conservation action.

Other species will also include epaulette sharks, archerfish, four-eyed fish and bird poop frog and more.

As part of the Aquarium’s expansion, MORPH’D and the new special exhibit hall is the first step in the Aquarium’s transformative journey.


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