Mental Health Month brings community to the outdoors

JUPITER, Florida (May 4, 2021) — The mental health benefits of spending time outdoors has long been  proven to improve mood, health, and reduce stress.  As we enter May, Mental Health Month, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary reminds the public that the nature trails and wildlife residents welcome them with open arms, especially after a year in which being inside has become a self-isolating norm.   

“Busch Wildlife Sanctuary has always wanted to be a sanctuary for people, just as much as one for  animals.  The fact that someone can step foot through our doors and instantly see the beauty of natural Florida along with our animal residents, means so much to us.  We see the smiles on our visitors’ faces and that  immediately tells me that we are indeed providing the escape that so many are yearning for now.”, says Busch Wildlife executive director, Amy J. Kight. 

Thousands of people passed through the Sanctuary in 2020, which included 30 organizations from  rehabilitation centers, special needs groups, and other similar facilities.

Rafael Laredo, administrator for The Open Doorway School, recently brought his students to the Sanctuary. 

The school focuses on providing a safe and unique educational experience for special needs children. 

“It is not often that special needs, and at-risk youth in general are able to have a reprieve from their already difficult lives and situations; this year, it has been much worse. Covid has made it difficult for many locations to work with the school in order to accommodate the needs of our students, who are used to having field trips, outings, and real life engagement in their daily to day. They really need this! The students were so glad, and grateful, to be able to both enjoy the time out, and to give back to a cause they are very close to.’, shared  Laredo. The students also presented Busch Wildlife with over $400 in raised funds. 

The Sanctuary is open for self guided tours as well as private tours led by our staff Monday through Saturday 10am—4:30pm. 

About Busch Wildlife Sanctuary
The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of Florida’s wildlife and natural resources.  Founded in1983, the Sanctuary protects and restores native wildlife for the benefit of its unique animals, environment, and people. Our goal is to inspire and educate the community in leading local  conservation and wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts. For more info visit  Where Native is Nurtured. 

Carolina Young