In the aftermath of the devastation  caused by Hurricane Ian, a beacon of hope emerges for businesses on Fort Myers  Beach. In an unprecedented act, the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau, typically  focused on drawing visitors from afar, is now running local ads by launching a new  initiative, “Savor the Shore.” The aim? To inspire residents to enjoy a "daycation" and  stay informed. 

In response to the recent challenges faced by local businesses, FMB Chamber  President Jacki Liszak recently commented on the new initiative, saying, "Revitalizing  the local economy and supporting our struggling businesses is at the heart of the 'Savor  the Shore' initiative. We're committed to bringing vitality back to our beloved  community." 

"Savor the Shore" is not just a campaign, but a movement. It's about rediscovering the  restaurants, attractions, and the vibrant community spirit that defines Fort Myers Beach.  As part of the initiative, locals and visitors will be introduced to a myriad of culinary  experiences, special events, and promotional offers, encouraging them to relish in the  unique offerings of the area. 

"The heart of Fort Myers Beach has always been its people and its local businesses,”  said Liszak. “This campaign is a testament to our resilience, community spirit, and  determination to bounce back stronger than ever.” 

One of the primary goals of the "Savor the Shore" campaign is to beckon the locals  back to Fort Myers Beach, to immerse themselves once again in the rich experiences  that the beachfront town offers, and to stand in solidarity with businesses that have  been a cornerstone of the community. 

All are encouraged to participate, spread the word, and most importantly, savor every  moment, every dish, and every attraction that Fort Myers Beach has to offer. 

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