Downtown Homestead bustled with activity as families from all over South Florida came to the Homestead Eco Fair – an annual event dedicated to connecting with nature and celebrating Homestead’s leadership in environmental stewardship.  Attendees enjoyed live animal encounters, tried local organic foods, and learned about the two National Parks bordering Homestead.  Many families explored the Parks firsthand as well on the Homestead National Parks Trolley, which offers a free ride, free guided tour, and free admission to Everglades and Biscayne National Parks through April 12, 2020.


Entertainment at the Eco Fair included The Front Yard Theatre Collective, which hosted interactive performances with an eco-spin just for kids.  Plus, they welcomed local performers Alexa Lash, Ameyal Mexican Cultural Organization, and 4 The World to provide musical entertainment during the event.  Om-Stead Yoga Community also hosted an outdoor yoga demonstration so visitors could explore the art of meditation and fitness while communing with nature.  A mini-farmers’ market showcased a wide variety of locally grown and organic produce while visitors also savored the authentic cuisine of local restaurants and food trucks.


The Homestead Eco Fair is organized by the City of Homestead and Homestead Main Street.  As the Gateway to Biscayne and Everglades National Parks, the City of Homestead has a long-standing commitment to ensuring a high-quality environment for its residents and future generations.