Camp Creek Inn is a brand new luxury boutique hotel and resort in Northwest Florida that offers its guests access to private club amenities, including an expansive wellness center with 8 lighted pickleball courts, a private beach club, private golf courses and much more!

Guests of Camp Creek Inn can book the “Pickleball Package,” which includes 2 Pickleball Clinics each day, per night booked, complimentary open play hours, access to Watersound Club amenities, and a 20% discount on retails items in the Tennis & Pickleball Pro Shop.

Watersound Club’s private amenities are available to guests staying at Camp Creek Inn (as well as Watersound Club members). The club’s 8 new pickleball courts (equal to the number of new tennis courts) were added just prior to the inn opening in summer 2023. Watersound Club also hired its first ever pickleball pro, Todd Ponder, to teach classes and lead the club’s pickleball program, which includes leagues and tournament play.

Todd Ponder’s specialty is creating pickleball leagues that combine physical activity with social engagement to strengthen the local pickleball community as a whole. Having moved with his family to Florida’s Emerald Coast from Las Vegas in May 2022, Ponder is dedicated to growing a strong community of pickleball players, and when he says it’s a sport that accessible to most people, even those with disabilities, he means it!

“When I lost my leg 10 years ago, the tennis court became way too big,” Ponder said. “In 2017, one of my friends said, ‘Come out and play this crazy game of pickleball.’ I said, ‘I can’t run on the court that much.’”

Despite his initial hesitancy, Ponder found confidence on the court again. Soon after, he became a certified pickleball instructor, and is now a tireless promoter of the sport and the community that it fosters.

“It’s the fastest-growing sport in America, and there’s a reason for its popularity — because anybody can learn how to play. That’s what’s so great about the game.”

Todd leads “Learn to Play Pickleball” classes, pickleball clinics for various levels of age and ability, and regularly leads fun pickleball events, including the popular “Friday Night Lights Dinks and Drinks,” a signature Watersound Club event that includes pickleball doubles play, rotating to play with different partners, music, and lots of fun!

Outside of Dinks and Drinks, open play is available daily from 8–11 a.m. and from 6–8 p.m. Courts can be reserved after 11 a.m. for one to two hours at a time. Clinic and class schedules can be viewed here:

Classes and events available to guests of Camp Creek Inn and Watersound Club members:

Learn to Play Pickleball 1 Clinic
Led by Watersound Club Pro, Todd Ponder, the Learn To Play 1 clinic includes proper mechanics, rules, scoring and strategy of Pickleball. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge, build your skills, and meet fellow Pickleball members!

Learn to Play Pickleball 2 Clinic
To register you must have completed LTP 1 or have previous experience playing pickleball. Clinic 2 will focus on dinking, drive shots, and volleying from the kitchen line.

Learn to Play Pickleball 3 Clinic
To register you must have completed Learn to Play 1 and 2 or be ranked 3.0+. The clinic will focus on proper mechanics, 3rd shot drops, top spin and setting up the put away!

Pickleball Open Play
Open play is for all skill levels from beginner to competitive; Every day from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.! Courts are dedicated either for competitive play or for beginners. All you need is to have a paddle in hand to get a great cardio workout and have lots of fun!

Intermediate Pickleball Clinic
Learn to advance your game to the next level in this Intermediate Clinic. Footwork drills will become more dynamic while you learn how to force your opponents’ backhand and set yourself up for the put away!

Jr. Pickleball Clinic
Kids learn hand-eye coordination, agility & balance in this clinic, which provides social interaction in a team setting. Kids will be having so much fun they won't realize the cardio benefits they are receiving, which can improve mood and mental wellness. They are taught the fundamentals of serving, receiving, volleying, dinking, positioning and scoring. Paddles will be provided.

Friday Night Lights Dinks & Drinks
A fun signature event at Watersound Club includes pickleball doubles play, rotating to play with different partners, music, and lots of fun! Players will be sorted by skill level. All participants must be ranked 2.5+
Drinks will be available for sale.


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