TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – This week, VISIT FLORIDA launched a new data dashboard to measure the tremendous benefit tourism provides to Florida’s communities. Compiling key metrics from multiple studies, the data shows that revenue generated from tourist spending saves every Florida family over $1,600 in taxes every year. In addition, bed tax revenues collected by counties have collectively funded nearly $445 million in critical environmental projects over the past five fiscal years, including coral restoration, wetland mitigation, park maintenance and beautification, natural disaster recovery, and turtle rehabilitation.

The studies also gauge Floridians' sentiment toward tourists and the tourism industry. Results show that Florida’s residents have a deep appreciation of their home state and its tourism industry, with nearly 60 percent agreeing that tourism improves their quality of life, and 70 percent agreeing they are proud to live in Florida. With this new research tool, VISIT FLORIDA can further assess the positive impact of tourism in the state, and gain a more in-depth understanding of the factors that sustain and grow Florida’s No. 1 industry.

Dana Young, VISIT FLORIDA President and CEO said, “VISIT FLORIDA is thrilled to debut this collection of research studies to our industry partners and stakeholders. The benefits of tourism are felt far and wide in our state, and this data will be crucial for capturing the full scope of our industry’s value and potential.” 

Jennifer Rominiecki, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens President and CEO; VISIT FLORIDA Industry Services Council Chair said, “Tourism is foundational to our way of life in Florida, and it’s important we have a robust understanding of its impact on our residents. VISIT FLORIDA’s Industry Relations Council is incredibly proud to serve as the guiding force of this initiative and help further our industry’s knowledge and expertise on behalf of all Floridians.”

Robert Skrob, Destinations Florida Executive Director; VISIT FLORIDA Board of Directors Member said, “Comprehensive data analysis is essential for maintaining and elevating our state’s tourism growth and success. Florida’s tourism industry saves each Florida household $1,613 each year in taxes. These taxes, paid for by visitors, directly fund environmental protection and amenities like beach facilities, parks and wetlands that either wouldn’t get done or would cost Floridians more in taxes. We appreciate VISIT FLORIDA for making this project possible, for helping contribute to the quality of life for all Floridians, and for powering our industry forward.”