Featuring:  Aerial Meditation; Trichology (Hair & Scalp Treatments), Sound Wave Therapy, the Most Sophisticated Yoga & Ayurvedic Offerings in Eastern U.S. and Tech-Driven Personalization


SINGER ISLAND, FL (December 2020) -- Scheduled to open in Q2 2021 beachfront on the Atlantic coast in Palm Beach County, Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences has released three new unique service menus with over seventy personalized treatments offered in a dazzling, 100,000 square foot, oceanfront wellness center, the largest and most elaborate on the Eastern Seaboard. The new services are featured on the just launched, more comprehensive and newly designed Amrit website at www.theamritoceanresort.com.    

Each guest will be guided throughout their journey with a Personalized Wellness Coach™ who provides support prior to the visit, during the stay and following departure. The menus cater to Amrit’s Five Pillars of Wellness: Mindfulness, Nutrition, Fitness, Relaxation, and Sleep. Among the variety of unique treatments are their signature offerings which include Aayush hydrotherapy, Satsang yoga, sound wave therapy, aerial meditation, touchless therapies and scalp rejuvenation therapy. Well-seekers will embrace Amrit’s unique blend of ancient science and modern technology promises to take personalized, lifestyle-enhancing luxury to a new level. The Wellness and Spa Menu is one of the three menus being released – along with Integrated Wellness and Fitness and Mindfulness – and highlights a few of Amrit’s signature offerings:


Amrit’s complimentary daily signature social yoga experience, Satsang, which comes from the Sanskrit meaning “in the company of truth,” is held every evening and invites guests to join in a like-minded conversation to share experiences, reflect on the day, and immerse in laughter.

Aerial Meditation

While suspended in a silk hammock, guests experience gentle stretching and guided meditation using a variety of techniques -- chanting, breathwork and visualization.






Aayush Hydrotherapy Circuit

Only at the Amrit can guests enjoy the only indoor/outdoor hydrothermal experience in Florida. Each spa treatment begins with the journey through Aayush, Amrit’s signature indoor/outdoor hydrothermal circuit. Guests can enjoy steam, sauna, hot/cold plunge … warm basking pools; hydro-reflexology foot path or play in the arctic chill fountain and effusion shower. The Aayush hydrotherapy circuit is designed to energize, detox, rejuvenate and release the body’s “wellbeing” hormones.


Ultimate Scalp and Hair Rejuvenating Treatment

Under the direction of Dr. Alan Bauman – one of an elite group of physicians worldwide to achieve certification from the esteemed American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) -- Amrit’s Trichology Center will be staffed by Bauman-trained Hair Health Coaches.

The signature ninety-minute experience including: a relaxing and therapeutic scalp and hair treatment beginning with a deep manual scalp massage, followed by a vapor treatment to gently increase blood flow throughout the scalp as well as an all-natural mask treatment utilizing plant cells, minerals and essential oils for optimum scalp health and hair beauty.

Sound Wave Therapy

Sound is used to heal and restore balance through vibrational waves that can ignite the body’s natural healing properties. This therapy uses a Mono-chord Bed, an instrument with 70 strings, tuned to one note that when strummed, produces overtones which follow the mathematical progression of vibration. Tuning forks, chimes, crystal bowls, and tinchas are also used to create a harmonious flow within the major systems in the body to release stress, thoughts and emotions that hold us back from living our true potential.

Sophisticated Yoga Offerings

The other menus include services that cater to fitness and integrated health. Amrit offers authentically curated yoga experiences where guests will find peace and happiness on their journey with Amrit’s skilled and well-intentioned Mindfulness hosts. In addition to Satsang and Aerial meditation some of the other offerings include:

●      Introduction to Eight Limbs of Patanjali Yoga

●      Yoga Nidra

●      Sun Salutation

●      Vinyasa Flow

●      Pre-Natal Yoga

Integrated Health Assessment

Amrit’s integrated health assessment is perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the resort's services. Guests have the option to take wellness assessments and consult with on-site certified experts in order to design a program tailored to individual needs. Some of these assessments include:

●      Nutrition Assessment

●      Bio well energy flow

●      Hair health

●      Ayurvedic assessment

Personal care coaches will then recommend one or several integrated wellness services to compliment the overall fitness and spa offerings including infusion and flotation therapy.

Amrit’s integrated wellness practices are rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy (Taoism) which are believed to date back over 5,000 years. Among these practices are Acupuncture including an acupuncture face-lift which can diminish fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and under-eye bags, while firming and tightening the face’s muscles and skin.

Ayurvedic Journeys

At Amrit, guests can choose the authentic, traditional Ayurvedic Journey designed to specifically address how to be more balanced mentally and physically. Treatments begin with an internal purification process, followed by a special diet, herbal remedies, massage therapy, yoga, and meditation. The offerings include:

●      Ayurvedic Kansa Wand

●      Shirodhara

●      Abyhanga

●      Udvartana

●      Ayurvedic Body Immersion

Ayurvedic practitioners will also do personal consultations and can recommended herbal supplements from Sri Sri Tattva.


Touchless Therapies

·      Somadome* – technology enabled meditation pod.  

·      Bio Well Assessment*– non-intrusive way to measure human stress levels by using a high-tech camera to “take a picture” of the internal energy of the body, helping pinpoint areas that need attention.

·      Techno Gym Equipment’s My Wellness App* – allows us to create guest/member/resident profiles, assessments and off-site training and coaching pre/post arrival – as well as track their work outs while on property – pull data from their cloud for personal support.

o   https://www.technogym.com/us/mywellness-wellness-lifestyle-crm/

·      PNOE Metabolic Fitness Assessments.  

·      Viome Gut Microbiome Testing.

·      Tibetan Sound Bowl Chakra Balancing.




Dilip Barot is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in real estate. As the founder of Creative Choice Group, a conglomerate of companies founded on doing well by doing good for communities, Barot’s humble beginnings in India in a 300-square foot apartment with 9 other family members, have directly influenced his successes in wellness real estate. Barot learned the power of meditation at a very young age. Each day he would spend 4 hours placing 5,000 leaves at the feet of a statue of Lord Shiva – the god of divine energy -- in the temple below their apartment. What his mother thought was a way to keep her active son occupied ended up leading Dilip to his passion for imparting the gift of wellbeing to others. And in 2021, his dream of leading others to discover their own peace and happiness will be fulfilled when Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences opens.


Spanning over seven beachfront acres of the Atlantic shoreline on Palm Beach County’s picturesque Singer Island, Amrit Ocean Resort & Residences is a new paradigm of mindful living for those pursuing the best in proactive wellness. The brainchild of Amrit founder, Dilip Barot, this cutting-edge example of wellness real estate and wellness resort living will offer a program combining Eastern wellbeing philosophies and western technology to create personalized journeys for each guest and resident. Amrit’s team of personal wellness coaches will create individualized programs utilizing the resort’s 100,000 square feet of wellness amenities including: the Aayush Hydrothermal water therapy circuit, indoor/outdoor treatment rooms, an oceanview learning kitchen and plant-centric restaurant, float tank, IV and sound and light therapies, acupuncture, curated skincare, body therapies from around the globe, an extensive hair and scalp rejuvenation program, social spa-ing, an array of fitness classes and arguably the most sophisticated, spa-centered Ayurvedic and yoga program in the US. Amrit’s expert instruction on positive lifestyle changes will be based on The Five Pillars of: Nutrition, Fitness, Mindfulness, Sleep, and Relaxation. 

With 12,000 square feet of event space there will even be a Wellness Wedding program. Upon completion -- scheduled for spring 2021 -- the property’s two towers, aptly named Peace & Happiness, will be home to a resort/residential mix of 182 condos and 155 wellness resort guest rooms. Condos range from $1 to $4 million. Address: 3100 North Ocean Drive, Singer Island, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. 

For more information visit:  https://www.theamritoceanresort.com/

*Nowhere else in South Florida

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