Dania Beach, FL, June 3, 2021 – In partnership with the City of Dania Beach, Ocean Rescue Alliance (ORA) announced the launch of its first 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project site in Broward County. The project aims to restore critical reef habitat through the creation of an artificial reef designed with safe materials to enhance marine habitats and protect coastlines. Through investigative research, ORA has designed a reef structure to reduce waves, provide marine habitat, and contribute to the restoration of oysters, coral, and mangroves.

More than an artificial reef, the project serves as a unique dive site, where divers can swim through an underwater art installation. Putting the “art” in artificial reefs, The 1000 Mermaids artificial reef is an eco-art project that serves as an underwater eco-friendly destination for tourism, research, and coral restoration. 1000 Mermaids started out as an artist’s vision to use the symbol of a mermaid to raise awareness to marine conservation. Throughout history, mermaids have served as symbols of humans’ connection to the ocean and its mystery.

“The future of Florida’s economy depends on its prioritization of environmental conservation and restoration projects,” said Shelby Thomas, CEO and Director of Research for Ocean Rescue Alliance. “These artificial reef sites provide Florida residents, tourism and travel organizations, and government agencies an opportunity to invest in the future of Florida’s natural ecosystems and the ocean as a whole.”

With a mission of transforming Florida’s coastlines, ORA will continue to develop new sites and deployment locations. The organization looks to scale its environmental impact for the remainder of 2021, with the addition of new partnerships and educational programs. Starting now, ORA is seeking partners and investors to join the wave of ocean conservation.

ORA and 1000 Mermaids have officially launched a GoFundMe campaign to support fundraising for the Dania Beach Artificial Reef Project deploy. Supporters can celebrate World Ocean Day by making a pledge for marine conservation at charity.gofundme.com/1000mermaids-daniabeachreef.

For more information on sponsorship and partnership opportunities to invest in marine conservation and restoration, please contact Shelby Thomas at shelby@oceanrescuealliance.org or call 385-689-7675.

Ocean Rescue Alliance
Ocean Rescue Alliance (ORA) is a marine conservation and restoration non-profit organization that implements innovative techniques to restore our marine environments. ORA supports saving our oceans one reef at a time through the creation of artificial reefs designed to incorporate art, innovative designs, and safe materials to enhance marine habitats, protect coastlines and provide a unique diving location. Our research investigates artificial design improvements, coastal protection with wave reduction modules, coral restoration, oyster restoration, mangrove restoration, seawall enchantments, fish population dynamics & recruitment to contribute to effective restoration. Our artistically crafted reefs enable every individual the opportunity to create an eternal reef for their loved one or company. Art themed reefs connect the local community history and culture while creating a lasting memory on the ocean floor that will help restore our marine ecosystems. Our education program seeks to empower and inspire our future generations to maintain our marine environments. Our citizen science program, Coral Rangers, engages our local communities in reef monitoring and coral restoration efforts. Our goal is to spread awareness and create marine habitats that will last for generations to come. Through ORA our alliance will unite marine conservation and restoration organizations around the globe helping us save our oceans one reef at a time!

1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef Project
The 1000 Mermaids Artificial Reef is an Eco-Art project that serves as an underwater eco-friendly destination for tourism, research, and coral restoration. 1000 Mermaids started out as an artist’s vision to use the symbol of a Mermaid to raise awareness to marine conservation while creating habitat and providing a unique diving location. The mermaid throughout history has served as a symbol of humans’ connection to the Ocean and its mystery. We find value in the ability to strengthen people’s relationship to the ocean through art. Through the placement of 1000 mermaids over time our initiative will transform real people into mystical mermaids that will live forever on the ocean floor. While serving as valuable habitat to support marine life and creating a foundation of appreciation for marine conservation. Our mission is to create complex marine habitats while providing enhanced creative, economic and educational opportunities to serve the public and our marine environments for generations to come.

Media Contact:
Shelby Thomas, CEO & Director of Research

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