Don’t Miss Exclusive Behind the Scenes Access to See and Learn More About Marine Animals

  • Animal experts educate on how we care for the diverse animals in our parks including sharks, cetaceans, manatees and pinnipeds
  • Rescue teams share stories of lifesaving work as guests tour critical care and rehabilitation areas not normally open to the public
  • NEW- Guests will learn about SeaWorld’s incredible successes in conservation, spotlighting the unprecedented birth of 3 endangered smalltooth sawfish and efforts in repopulation of coral


SeaWorld Orlando just announced the return of the Park’s highly-anticipated “Inside Look” program, November 4-5 and free with park admission. This fan-favorite event brings guests behind-the-scenes to learn more about the world-class care SeaWorld Orlando’s animals receive and the continuous conservation efforts made to preserve endangered marine life. Guests will be able to visit places and meet teams not typically available to the general public and see the conservation work of SeaWorld’s team of animal care experts first-hand. This year, SeaWorld Orlando is debuting several new Animal Care Specialist Talks, including the ALL-NEW Coral Presentation and Sharks Presentation. In these interactive presentations, guests will be given insight into how to care for dwindling coral populations and meet the SeaWorld dive team, respectively. The event runs the weekend of November 4-5, 2023. “Inside Look” experiences are included in regular park admission, but this event is extremely popular and highly attended, so guests are encouraged to arrive early to access this exclusive offering.  

“At SeaWorld Orlando, we are always looking for ways to allow guests to dive deeper into the realm of animal conservation,” said Jon Peterson, Park President of SeaWorld Orlando. “Inside Look showcases the hard work our animal care specialists do behind the scenes and educates future generations about how they can help protect endangered species and marine habitats, inspiring a long-lasting commitment to protect these incredible creatures.”

There will be many incredible exclusive experiences returning to SeaWorld Orlando’s “Inside Look” program and a few exciting new ones, including: 

Inside Marine Mammal Care: Guests can take an interactive, behind-the-scenes look at our dolphin pod and get a glimpse of what it takes to care for these animals on the day-to-day. From food preparation at the fish house to a poolside experience at Dolphin Cove, our animal care specialists will give guests insight into the world-class care these animals receive on a daily basis. Guests must reserve tickets in-person and are available on a first-come, first served basis.

Inside the SeaWorld Rescue Center: Visit the home base of the SeaWorld Rescue Team to meet and hear from the dedicated filtration experts, animal care personnel, lab technicians, and veterinarians who work around the clock to deliver life-saving care to animals in need. Guests can learn more about SeaWorld’s Rescue Center that has the capacity to care for hundreds of animals at any given time. SeaWorld’s Rescue Teams have aided over 40,000 sick, injured, and orphaned animals, giving them a second chance at life.  

Inside Aquarium Experiences: Guests can catch an exclusive glimpse at two of SeaWorld’s most popular aquariums, including Shark Encounter and Manta Aquarium, from a birds-eye view, or from underneath the pool itself. They will be able to learn what goes into keeping SeaWorld’s animals healthy and how animal care experts maintain animal habitats to closely mirror wild environments. 

Inside Pacific Point Preserve: Guests can take an exclusive look at the home of our California sea lions and harbor seals. They can hear stories and gain insights from the animal care specialists who care for them every day and learn what it takes to maintain a thriving sea lion social group. 

Inside Orca Encounter: There is more for guests to learn with exclusive backstage access at Orca Encounter. They will meet and hear from the dedicated animal care specialists who safeguard the health and well-being of our killer whales. Park guests will also see where hundreds of pounds of fish are prepared each day, check out our larger-than-life whale toys, and visit our medical pool and system of habitat pools to better understand the dynamics of caring for SeaWorld’s largest residents. Guests must reserve tickets in-person and are available on a first-come, first served basis.

Inside Wild Arctic: Visitors will step behind the scenes into the maze of back hallways that provide service access to the beluga whales and harbor seals that call Wild Arctic home. Plus, guests will meet the team members who spend their days caring for these incredible animals. 

“The ‘Inside Look’ program illuminates the dedication and continuous efforts of our animal care experts including our Rescue Team, caring for rescued animals undergoing rehabilitation,” said Dr. Joe Gaspard, Vice President of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld Orlando. “We are thrilled to offer our guests a glimpse into the world-class operations at SeaWorld Orlando and continue to spread the message of the importance of aquatic life conservation.”

Presentations & Animal Care Specialist Talks 

Guests will also be able to participate in special presentations and animal care specialist talks taking place during select times throughout the day. They will be able to meet members of the SeaWorld Rescue & Dive Teams respectively during exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities at the Rescue Center. They’ll hear firsthand stories of how it feels to rescue and return animals in need from the Rescue Team, as well as learn the basics of diving and discover some little-known secrets of what it takes to be a part of the dive team. In our animal care specialist talks, guests will learn what it takes to care for several of our animal species including corals, hammerhead sharks, and sawfish. Guest will also get the opportunity to hear specialty presentations before Dolphin Adventures, Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight, and the Orca Encounter.

  • NEW Coral Presentation: In this presentation, guests will observe and interact with coral biologists as they care for “at-risk” Florida corals. Our expert biologists will discuss optimal conditions for coral growth and care while raising awareness about conservation and ocean health, all in SeaWorld Orlando’s safe and stable home for rescued coral colonies.
  • NEW Sharks Presentation: Guests will have the opportunity to hear a presentation from one of our shark animal care experts. Not only will guests get an inside glimpse into how our hammerheads are cared for in the 700,000 gallon shark encounter, they will also learn more about our smalltooth sawfish conservation efforts. In July of this year, SeaWorld Orlando proudly welcomed three smalltooth sawfish pups, an amazing achievement in the conservation efforts of this critically endangered species. In this presentation, guests will be able to learn about the progress the pups have made within their first few months and have first access to the most recent updates.

Family Activity Zone Returns 

Back by popular demand, the Family Activity Zone will return to “Inside Look.” Guests won’t want to miss the special games, crafts, and activities SeaWorld Orlando will have set up for kids and families. It’s another fun way for the park’s youngest guests to learn more about the amazing animals that call SeaWorld home and how they help the environment we share! 

New to the Family Activity Zone is “Water Works,” where younger guests can learn about the critical nature of our life support systems as they operate every second of every day. To become a Junior Water Quality Operator, guests will move water from one location to another using a variety of pipes and fittings in this unique and exciting challenge.

Inside Look Scavenger Hunt

In this engaging educational experience, guests can purchase an Inside Look Scavenger Hunt map from select SeaWorld retail locations to embark on a journey to explore the Inside Look locations. Upon successfully completing the hunt, guests will present their completed map at one of three pick-up locations to receive a special prize.

World Class Animal Care, Accredited and Regulated by Experts 

SeaWorld Inside Look offers a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations.  Its team of more than 1,000 animal specialists maintain the highest standards of animal welfare and veterinary care for one the largest zoological collections in the world.   

SeaWorld is regulated by various government authorities focused on animal welfare. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal Plant Health Inspection Service performs routine, unannounced visits to SeaWorld to ensure adherence to federal standards and regulations.  The visits include a review of the physical premises, records, husbandry practices, program of veterinary care, and animal handling procedures, to ensure that SeaWorld meets and/or exceeds the required standard of care.  SeaWorld is also regulated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) National Marine Fisheries, the primary federal agency responsible for the stewardship of living ocean resources and the marine habitats on which they rely.  NOAA enforces guidelines set out in laws such as the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act. 

SeaWorld is also accredited by third party organizations including the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) and the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA).  Achieving and maintaining accreditation from these groups is a rigorous evaluation process in areas that extend beyond the scope of government regulatory agencies.  For example, reviews of social settings, team training, habitat enrichment, medical facility, food and water preparation, guest interactions, education programs and more. SeaWorld has also earned the Humane Certified™ seal from American Humane, the world’s largest certifier of animal welfare.  Reviews and accreditations by these organizations represent the highest standards of care and welfare for specific species. 

Dedicated to Marine Animal and Ecosystem Conservation  

The commitment of SeaWorld extends beyond the animals in residence. The SeaWorld Rescue team is on call 24x7 to help animals anywhere they are needed.  The team logged a combined total of over 50,000 miles in 2021 to rescue animals in need; that’s the equivalent of circling the Earth over six times. The team has helped more than 40,000 animals, making it one of the largest marine animal rescue organizations in the world.  

SeaWorld also advances the science of marine animal health through the study of animals in its care, partnerships with leading academic institutions, and with SeaWorld Conservation Fund grants to organizations focused on marine animal rescue and rehabilitation, conservation education, habitat protection and species research.  Since 2003, Fund grants have been made to support 541 different marine-specific conservation projects on all seven continents.   

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