Spice is Nice Now Open

International heat market is spicing up Historic Downtown Sanford

ORLANDO, Fla. – Summer weather is not the only thing heating up Central Florida, a new international heat market is here to turn up the temp.

Spice is Nice specializes in spicy foods and groceries from around the world. Opened by award-winning hot sauce veteran Dino Ferri, the market concept in Historic Downtown Sanford has groceries that bring the heat. In a funky refurbished space with vintage reclaimed shelving is stocked from floor to ceiling, guests can parous everything from hot sauces and chile peppers from different regions to dry rub blends and spicy pasta bags from Italy.

Products from Ferri’s award-winning hot sauce company, Hotter Than El can be found along the shelves as well. Ferri started Hotter Than El in 2015, dedicated to bringing bigger flavor and more heat to hot sauces. His sauces have racked up several nationally acclaimed awards and have been featured on multiple seasons of the YouTube sensation Hot Ones, burning the mouths of celebrity guests.

“It is great to have this concept of mine come to life,” said Dino Ferri, owner of Spice is Nice. “After years in the hot sauce business, I am excited to expand on that and be able to bring what I love and know to the community!”

Located in downtown Sanford’s ‘Famous L,’ Spice is Nice is more than just a market. Guests are often greeted with a tasting or samples when entering the store. Ferri also enjoys providing recipes and meal ideas for sauces and spices – and who better than the creator and founder of the award-winning hot sauce brand Hotter Than El?

The store has also collaborated with several restaurants in the Sanford area, whether it’s using mixes for drinks or rubs and spices for entrees, Spice is Nice provides flavor for its neighbors.
Spice is Nice is located at 106 S Palmetto Avenue in Sanford and open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information on Spice is Nice, visit www.facebook.com/SanfordSpiceIsNice.


About Spice is Nice
Founded by Dino Ferri, owner and creator of the award-winning hot sauce brand Hotter Than El, Spice is Nice is an international heat market located in Historic Downtown Sanford. Providing items from across the globe, the market concept is a one stop shop for heat.

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