The Franklin County Tourist Development Council (FCTDC) launched an inaugural  “Give Back” Getaway contest this month to help promote volunteerism and tourism sustainability within the county.

“As our area continues to rebound and our tourism-dependent businesses have reopened, visitors often ask us  - what can we do to help this area?" said FCTDC director John Solomon. “This getaway is designed to partner our visitors with projects that they care about and let them be a part of supporting something that helps our area.”

According to Solomon, the Give-Back getaway is similar to other getaways that the TDC promotes throughout the year in that the winner gets to stay either at the beach, in an historic B&B or campground and is gifted with dinners and unique experiences. The difference, he said, is that in the Give Back Getaway, “the winner has the opportunity to make a positive impact on our area while they’re here.”

Some of the projects that the getaway winner may choose to involve themselves could include helping to clean the beaches, volunteer in a local museum or even assist in planting marine vegetation to help build a natural shoreline. The type of projects available will vary, says Solomon, depending on the time of year the winner comes and the capacity of the nonprofit group to oversee the short-term volunteer effort. Solomon said he sees the give back getaway as the first step in cultivating long term relationships.

“Many of our visitors end up moving here because they are drawn to the beaches, the history or the pristine natural environment,” Solomon said. “Reaching out to those people who want to make a positive impact while visiting helps us build a sustainable tourism industry that will thrive for all the right reasons.”

You can sign up for the Give Back Getaway through the FCTDC’s website or through the mobile app Floridasforgottencoast.

Franklin County TDC