TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – This winter and early spring, VISIT FLORIDA, the state’s official destination promotion organization, will showcase vintage Florida tourism promotion commercials juxtaposed with current exciting ways for travelers to escape the winter in Florida. These shareable “throwback” promotional videos will be featured on VISIT FLORIDA’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts and are aimed to invoke a sense of nostalgia while reminding travelers that Florida should remain their top choice for travel. This campaign also demonstrates that Florida tourism promotion sponsored by the state has been a widely accepted practice for the better part of a century.

VISIT FLORIDA President & CEO Dana Young said, “The promotion of vacations to Florida is a tried and true practice with proven results. Throughout the winter, VISIT FLORIDA has been actively inviting vacationers to Florida from across the world, and we are glad to continue to highlight ways to escape cold weather while showcasing the history of tourism promotion in Florida. Our state’s relentless promotion is the very reason we are known globally as a welcoming travel destination, and at VISIT FLORIDA, we are proud to continue inviting the world to the Sunshine State.”

The video below, produced by VISIT FLORIDA, shows current exciting Florida travel activities while “throwing it back” to the state archives with a popular Florida tourism commercial from the 1970s – “When you need it bad, we’ve got it good.”