Walton County was created in 1824, making this year the 200th anniversary of its founding. Walton County’s present total land area is 1,028 square miles, but it was once much larger. Portions of Walton County’s original territory were given in 1846 to help form Washington County. In 1848, a northeastern portion was given to Holmes County and in 1915, a western portion of Walton and an eastern portion of Santa Rosa counties were untitled and released to form Okaloosa County. Thus, Walton County once encompassed much of what is now Washington, Holmes and Okaloosa Counties.

Walton County has a rich history as large as its former borders. Throughout this year, there will be numerous projects and events celebrating our history and heritage. Among those projects is a new website, currently under construction, that focuses solely on Walton County history, through the written word, photographs and videos.

We are also launching a weekly video series titled Reflections of Walton County, featuring interviews with Walton County residents who either helped create some of that history or had relatives and ancestors who did. The purpose of the video series is to inform, educate and entertain the residents of Walton County with a slice of historical life each week throughout 2024.

We hope you will enjoy these weekly installments as we look back through the pages of time at this wonderful and unique place we call home.


Reflections of Walton County - Episode 1 features Chris Mitchell, a former television news reporter, historian and past director of the Florida Chautauqua Association, who gives us a walking tour of the final resting place of some of the most influential people in Walton County’s history.

Please click here to view on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnHIXvjeif4