Hamilton County Tourism Development Council is thrilled to announce a significant milestone for the town of White Springs. White Springs has officially been awarded the prestigious Florida Greenways and Trails Trail Town Designation, marking a momentous achievement for our community.

This designation not only brings well-deserved recognition to White Springs but also offers unparalleled national and international visibility. As a designated Trail Town, White Springs joins a select group of communities known for their commitment to outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship.

The Trail Town Designation opens doors to a range of opportunities, including access to recreation grants that can further enhance our natural amenities and promote eco-tourism. We are proud to share that the White Springs Historic Preservation Society is partnering with the DEP Trail Town Program to leverage this designation, advancing efforts to safeguard our rich history while boosting tourism in the region.

Special thanks are also due to board member Julie Williams, whose dedication and leadership have been instrumental in achieving this milestone. We also recognize the invaluable contributions of our partners at State Parks, represented by Sharon Shea, and the Suwannee River Water Management District, led by Edwin McCook. Additionally, we extend our appreciation to our supportive local businesses for their ongoing commitment to our community's success.

This achievement underscores our collective commitment to promoting Hamilton County as a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, and eco-conscious travelers. Together, we look forward to leveraging the Trail Town Designation to create memorable experiences for visitors while preserving the natural beauty and heritage of our beloved White Springs.